Saturday, June 24, 2006


I loved everyones stories for my last homework assignment,
here's my final assignment it was about facial expressions,
I chose Sadness, anyone care to guess at the story here?

Conte on Rag Paper 35 " x 66"


Mirco said...

Alright here's my crack at it. First this piece makes me sad. So i'm guessing there listening to a radio head song or possibly Leonard Cohen. I think the girl in the middle is wearing a burka while being escorted by a serbian/chechyan boy. But her Burka is Blue rather than the traditional black so...there probably children in a play being put on by there class at a local multi-ethnic school. I belive thats the baby Jesus crying in the corner (probably drunk after turning all the tap water into wine) So it's the nativity scene the class play is recreating. And to be politicaly correct the three wise men are being played by girls one of which is apathetic the other is sad and the last one wears a lot of mascara. Also to put an extra twist on it the class has included the superman myth, which is very christ like anyway, and made the three wise men(girls) floating heads like in the scene where marlon Brando is condeming criminals to the phantom zone. Only here there passing judgment on a boozed up baby jesus. Oh, and on closer inspection I think the eye indicates that they are not in fact listening to radio head but the Cure, my mistake, sorry.
Either that or it's about how there will never be peace in the middle east and the tragedy of war on children especially conflicts involving muslim fundamentalism which keeps women ,escpecally, under oppresion.
Am I close? and also what is rag paper?

Tara Audibert said...

Haha That is AWSOME!!! The new name of this piece is "You Made Baby Jesus CRy!!!", and the woman in this middle IS wearing a burqua, but in Afghanistan they wear mostly blue ones that have a mesh screen for the eyes(and sometimes they are peach??), but the eyes are from a woman wearing a black abaya like in saudi arabia,I'm real tricky like that. anyway that's an awsome story!! I love it! I was trying to go for kinda the second translation you have, but i like your first rendition better! everytime I try to do something kinda about muslim/women issues, it ends up being fucked up! but I digress...
and way to add the plug for superman!!! haha. oh and Rag paper is not just for aunt Flo anymore...haha it's really just high weight paper like watercolor paper, everyone's usin' it man, it's da bah-mb!

Anonymous said...

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