My Explorations of the World

Exploration #6: Archaeological Dig

Create your childhood bedroom
on a miniature scale

I did mine in Legos

 I had a Holly Hobby Bedspread
My least favorite color is yellow...

And now I remember why! hahaha

Exploration #14: Sound Map

I took this picture while listening to the sounds 
around me for about an hour. It was interesting to 
hear all the different noises in my backyard. 

Exploration #25: Shapes Made By Water

 Ice forming on the ground
Oct 2013

Exploration #30: Travel History

My favourite tree outside Truro, NS
Bridge to Sydney, NS
Heading Back to NB from NS

Wreck this Journal: My Bug Collection

I am also doing "Wreck this Journal" by Keri Smith
so I will also have some stuff from that here like
these LIVE and DEAD bugs and critters 
I've found in my travels.
Hard to see but this was 2 ants working together
to carry another bug back for dinner

Dragon Fly!
I have no idea what this thing was???
Doug the Slug
This Was another ???
I killed this one...on purpose!
Found on the roadside, Mr. Frog
Dewy cobweb in the morning

Another hit and frogging!
A tick found on Burke Oct 2013
I sent it to Mount Allison University 
to test for Lime disease

Wreck this Journal: Vegetable Stamp

Luchador Potato Stamping in my book!

Wreck this Journal: Freeze this Page

One of the things to do is to figure out a way to 
freeze a page in the book.


Burke's Teeth...That is all


Exploration #41: Found Faces


Exploration #4: Daily Walk

Oct 2013
Nov 2013
Geese before their migration Oct 2013

Exploration #37: Time Observation

I started an Earthwork in my driveway
which consist of collecting the white gravel
that is mixed in and I find about a handfull a day and 
pile it up here in a circle. 

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Day 6

Day 7
Day 8

Day 9

1sec/day video of Burke Aug 13/13 to Oct 16/13

I have switched from photos to 1 sec/day video 
Here you see Aug 12/13-Oct 16/13

Exploration #54: The Language of Trees

"Collect as many parts of a tress you can."
I also enjoy taking pictures of the trees as they change

Big Oak by Ted's House

Such bright colors they seem painted!
This is what inspired paint!

Leaves looked like they were made from 

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