Saturday, June 24, 2006


I loved everyones stories for my last homework assignment,
here's my final assignment it was about facial expressions,
I chose Sadness, anyone care to guess at the story here?

Conte on Rag Paper 35 " x 66"

Red Circle Part IV

I'm running out of rocks!!! man this last time it
was really hard to find enough to make the circle
bigger, so this project might be done soon
ya never know, this is from earlier this week:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Artsy-farty Drawings

Ma homework!
The B/W is from a bunch of
wedding photos from a book and put
together to create a narrative. Anybody know what the
story is? haha

Eraser 2

Another eraser drawing i did
I erased a few more times than there
are pictures for but here's 3 stages:

Red Rock 3

Well someone stole the hole in the middle!!!
i don't know aht's upp with that but
i started working on this and it started raining so i didn't
get a chance to put it in circle form afn i had
to go back the next day to take the picture.

Rock Line, a side project I did while working on
the Red Circle

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Eraser Nude

This is a figure drawing I did where I
drew the same pose and erased it 3 times.
The final drawing was doen with ink &
conte. This was pretty fun!

a face only a mother could love...flat face ;)

what's up with them tit tehs??? obviously i draw without
actually looking at the model

this is the third conte drawing the assignment was about
positive and negative space

ink wash babe, millenium art is all about the
mixed media

More Holes for the pervs

here's s'more circles I found in the wild

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

These are some earthworks by a famous artist
Andy Goldsworthy where i got the idea for mine,
he does these crazy eggs made from rocks that keep
falling apart before he finishes

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Red Circle 2

Here is my second installment of the red circle. I think this piece will be harder than I thought, because when I went back to the beach it was trashed, at first I thought the water may have gone up that far but there were still small stones left so I guess it was just everyday traffic, or those ornery "kiwi" kids!!! I hate them! Thankfully most of the rocks I collected were still in relatively the same area so I believe each time I go back I will have to "rebuild" my previous work then expand on it. ANYWAY it is about 3' in diameter now. I am debating on leaving the "hole" in the middle? Any thoughts?