Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Artsy-farty Drawings

Ma homework!
The B/W is from a bunch of
wedding photos from a book and put
together to create a narrative. Anybody know what the
story is? haha


Curtis said...

I know the story:
The is like:
Oh I'm so pretty I could just sit in a big vat of dirty water and look at myself all day long, and I just might do that!
and the old ladies are like:
oh my we're so drunk and foolish, but not as foolish as the girl, she's going to miss her wedding to Chaz Sexington. what a shame.
and the shadow in the background is like:

the end

Mirco said...

Are the three old ladys the three fates? And there looking at the new bride who's in water but is really in love with herself like that greek myth where some greek guy is in love with him self and drowns in a lake trying to kiss his own reflection. Sooo she's going to die of suicide like ophila in Hamlet, drowning herself and thats her ghostly specter in the window.Which of course the three fates all see coming. Which they think is the best anyway because her groom is a skinless muscle man who who need constant care and is emotionally unavaliable.

Ooor it's an add for one of those bathtubs you can walk into for old people. Man I want one of those.
Am I close?

Tara said...

haha those are both awsome!!! Very deep!!! man you guys really got into this! I love it!

Glenner said...

An old lady misses the hopeful girl she used to be, a child wading obliviously in the fountain of youth and dreaming of a life when she'll be grown and married. Now aged and isolated from society, the lonely widow passes her days in the company of bitter crows who have long grown oblivious to their own inner little girl.

...and the dreams they once had.

Nice. Thanks a lot Tara! Thanks for making me triste!

Stephanie N said...

I'm going to go with:
You just watched a David Lynch movie.

onemanpunkband said...

i like your muscles. see, that's got a sexual ring to it...just stickin' to the theme... bees.. muscles... stickin'.

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