Saturday, June 10, 2006

Eraser Nude

This is a figure drawing I did where I
drew the same pose and erased it 3 times.
The final drawing was doen with ink &
conte. This was pretty fun!

a face only a mother could love...flat face ;)

what's up with them tit tehs??? obviously i draw without
actually looking at the model

this is the third conte drawing the assignment was about
positive and negative space

ink wash babe, millenium art is all about the
mixed media


Mirco said...

These are great. Makes me wish I was back in school or at least still life drawing. Did you do all three steps as the model posed or afterward? Was it all one long session or a number of diffrent steps? The last ink wash looks great. the ink always makes drawings nice and rich.

Tara Audibert said...

yeha the ink is cool, that's the first time i used it! yeah we had the model for the whole pose so she posed for like 15 min 2x, the like 20 for the third, and about 10 whith the ink was was added. she got up in between so she moved a bit, but that's all good, you really only see the last drawing casue the other ones don't exist anymore....whoa i'm blowing my own mind!!!

Gillian said...

your so talented Tara! Im jealous!


Tara Audibert said...

awwwww thanks you ol'' softie!!!! I swear it's the paper though, good paper really does make anything look good! who woulda thought???

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