Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hi everyone i want to challenge everyone to do some time-based art!!! it'll be fun!!! i did this red circle at the beach and everytime i go running i will add more rocks to it until it's huge! it's only about 2.5 feet right now, and i will document it and put it on the ol' blog. DO IT OR ELSE!! you can do whatever medium you can think of!
This pic has an inukshuk in the BG


Scott MacDonald said...

that awesome...i'd like to see that circle fill the whole picture....are you painting those rocks red?

Tara Audibert said...

haha, no it's an "earthwork", you have to use whatever you find outside, those red rocks are really bricks that the water tumbled into rock shapes, must be from a building that was torn down or something i would say, but they're pretty few and far between, so it took me a while, but i figure if i keep finding a few, more will wash up etc etc... and it will take over the world!!!