Monday, May 29, 2006

Sun Tunnels

These are the "Sun Tunnels" from my history class, that curtis went to
this one is a hole cut through a dune

This one is 4 huge cement tunnels big enough to walk through


mike g said...

do they work the same as tanning beds?
you gotta watch out for those you know.
those u.v. rays can be vicious.

Mirco said...

I don't want to be a nay sayer but aren't sun tunnels just holes? This political correctness is out of control.

Tara said...

MIke,i think you might need some sun tunnel lotion UV 1000!!! then you'd be OK...but watch out for seeing sun SPOTS that's on a whole other level!!!
MIR-IC-O!!!! you're a pervert!!! haha

Tara said...

PS I'm not saying these are "good" or anything...just to make that clear...i'm not really saying anything, they just exist.... i'm not a wizard

Mirco said...

What? I'm just saying there holes. Holes that maybe say a train or rocket could pass through. Whats perverted about that? Also I downlosd Despiration(that sounds weird) and watched it that way but unfortunatly erased it almost immediatly after seeing it. It wasn't very good.
About time based art, would stacks and stacks of newspapers be considered art? If so I have an incredible art collection.

Tara said...

I would have to say that is definately time based art!!!! AWSOME!! now you just call "Eye Level gallery" and lug them all down there...ta da instant art,you should sign each newspaper everyday then add it to the stack! boo-urns about despiration :( you should add up how much each paper cost and sell it for that much x 2.