Monday, May 11, 2009

Sketch Dump Part Deux

Some Sketches from my awesome new sketchbook!

The Tudors

Me as a cowperson

Me if I was on Ben 10

Clint Eastwood



geiger said...

nice drawins tara.
i really like the new blog header too.
its kinda like shes seducing me to look at your blog.

i listened to my first episode of the curtis and tara show last week.
there was a lot more swearing than i was expecting.
i also dont remember curtis being in such a bad mood...but it was enjoyable none the less, if not just to hear you dudes giggle at each other for an hour.

nice work guys...

Mirco said...

nice sketches. that animatic for the graphic novel looks great too.

Sean said...

Outstanding stuff Tara,

I was just surfing around for some insparation and stumbled across your page. I'm very impressed. Thank you for your help I may have just got what I needed.

Thanx! Never Stop,

Nor. Cal., US.

Anonymous said...

great illustriations