Saturday, January 20, 2007

Marker fun

some tiny quick sketches I did to try out
Promarkers, very fun!


Mirco said...

Wow these are marker? they look painted brush. Nice.

Tara said...

yeah, it's this "special" marker paper that doesn't absorbe the ink, so even after the ink is dry , you can re-wet it with another color and it will mix like water color it's awsome!!! but i only have 3X4 peices of it, but small stuff can be fun too,I've learned, I need to get more from Loomis!!!

Curtis said...

I love these!!!
I know I watched you do them, but they still look great!

Gillian said...

*sniffs* teach me how to be awesome like you Tara!!! *gives Puss n Boots eyes*

Tara said...

haha gillian you are funnay!!!! and curtis is a kooky poopie!!!!

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