Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Storm's ah Brewin'

Just a sketch I did from an AD for X-men,
Damn you pop culture!!! damn you to hell!


*[[Yuki]]* said...

Pretty! I love it. It's so good.

Peace out and have a great day!,

*[[Yuki]]* said...

That's cool that you live in Canada. Sorry. That was totally random.

Mirco said...

I like the rendering. What medium are you using? the purple in the last post and the red (conte?) look great. though, X-men? Hallie berry? strange choice.uncanny even.

Anonymous said...

sweet ass

Gillian said...

TARA!! this rocks!

Tara said...

Hey thanks for the comms everyone!!!man this blog is just getting filled with chick pics, but men are hard........... to draw!hehe
I just drew these with col-erase,(that's the weirdest thing, but i never thought to draw anything but life drawings with conte, but now I will!!!) i got some "cooler, hipper" colors from loomis after i saw Shane Glines new book(i'm a copier) I got orange tooooooo whoooo

*[[Yuki]]* said...

Hey! No problemo for visitng your page. It so artsy! Harold prolly enjoyed your visit too! Well I have to run, but I hope to comment you soon!
Peace out my friend!,

Josh Rodgers said...

Awesome work!

natan said...

gre88t work.
i really like your drawing..awesome..

Anonymous said...

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