Wednesday, April 23, 2014

B&W Lady

Started with a Sketch
 Added Local Color (Midtone)
 Changed the linework Color to Dark Grey
 Added Shadow & Some Highlights
on a separate Layer
 Refined the line work & added 
more highlights to hair
 Lightened up some of the linework
and added signature ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Will Graham and his Dogs- Process

Will Graham and his Dogs

I started with a sketch with the background and 
characters each on separate layers

I refined Will's pose

Here's the sketch showing all layers

I refined all the line work and changed the 
lineart colors

I started painting with a midtone

I used a complimentary color scheme

Flat mid-tones on the characters

Everyone together. I used similar colors
throughout, varying the value

I added cast shadows under characters

 I added shadows on another layer
and highlights as well as a texture over the 

 I replaced the paitned BG 
with a gradient and replaced the tree with 
a more antler-type of foliage.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Artemisia 300 Rise of an Empire-Process

I started with a color palette idea 

& did sketch over top a blue texture

Cleaned up the line work

I started how I might do an acrylic painting with the darks
on a separate layer, but realized this wasn't going in 
the direction I wanted.

On a layer under the line work I did all the midtones

I added shadows on a  multiplied layer

I added highlights using a charcoal brush with some texture
I added a fog png over top and some BG shadows